Monday, 26 March 2012

Orawave Power Whitener Toothbrush and Polisher Reviews

Orawave Power Whitener Toothbrush and Polisher

  • Twice the cleaning action with patented head design
  • Hygienist style prophy polishing cup for extra cleaning and whitening
  • Ergonomic grip that is easy to handle
  • 2 AA Batteries Included
  • Replaceable Heads
The Orawave Power Whitener includes a Dental Hygienist style prophy polisher to get your teeth extra clean and stain free. The patented twin full-size oscillating toothbrush heads offer twice the cleaning action of typical single oscillating head toothbrushes. They do a great job of cleaning your teeth and gums on a daily basis. The ergonomic handle is designed to fit all size hands and easily stand by the sink

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List Price: $ 8.29 Price: $ 13.99

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